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Beran Zinfandel, 2016

$205.52 / case(12)



Sourcing philosophy: for beran we rely on heritage old-vine zinfandel along with a few younger up-and-coming vineyards. We are honored to work with some of the most renowned zin growers in sonoma county napa valley mendocino county the desolate sierra foothills of amador county along with a handful of other notable regions. Many of our growers have been farming zinfandel for generations. For instance the saini family of dry creek valley has tended zin since 1917 and the foppianos even longer-since 1896. On the new side is the dramatic shannon ridge home ranch in lake county where a 15-year-old vineyard has been planted at elevations of 2 100 to 2 500 feet in lean rocky and volcanic soil. Many of our growers dry-farm their vineyards and with great pride they employ sustainable and organic viticultural practices. 2014 vintage: we regard the 2014 vintage in california as one of the best in decades. Veraison started early and finished quickly. We then enjoyed consistently warmer,,wine~us zinfandel~united states~~california~,vt,y,red,n 700,085903700504,1beran zinfandel sonoma [usa],750ml,,21. 88,236. 34,12,,n,”beran – the bear-is forever a figure of strength and head-strong drive. With the same power and conviction our zinfandels are grown and crafted without compromise. Sourcing philosophy in making beran sonoma county zinfandel we had the pleasure to work with some of the region’s most highly regarded zinfandel vineyards; including those of peter haywood in the moon mountain district alan foppiano’s vineyard that straddles alexander and russian river valleys and frank rebottaro’s alexander valley vineyard. 2013 vintage the 2013 vintage could be summarized by high quality and high yields. The growing conditions were ideal in most coastal california grape growing regions including sonoma county. Grapes achieved intensity of flavor and expressed the characteristics of their individual terroir. With a dry warm spring prompting early bud-break followed by a textbook summer free of any heat spikes we were exceptionally happy with the high quality and abundant fruit harvested. Wine,,wine~us zinfandel~usa~~sonoma~,vt,y,red,n 265,085906100600,1codigo 1530 blanco tequila [mexico],750ml,,46. 31,250. 04,6,,y,codigo 1530 blanco is the expression that best reflects the pure taste of our perfect inputs. We take pride in every step of our production process carefully sourcing only the best ingredients to produce a spirit that requires no resting. 40% abv,,liquors~tequila super premium~mexico~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100601,1codigo 1530 reposado tequila [mexico],750ml,,64. 83,350. 08,6,,y,if you love a concentrated tequila blanco with a little bit of a twist then you will love this recently available codigo 1530 reposado tequila. With a creamy flavor and the spiciness that comes with aging in a french oak barrel this is a robust tequila blanco that has a balanced and clean flavor profile. 40% abv,,liquors~tequila super premium~mexico~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100602,1codigo 1530 anejo tequila [mexico],750ml,,103. 88,282. 47,3,,y,powerful and broad in delivery this beautifully crafted example delivers a medley of floral and agave notes on the nose with exotic undertones and spicy top notes. Delightfully silky and seamlessly smooth – a pleasingly delicious example. 40% abv,,liquors~tequila super premium~mexico~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100604,1codigo 1530 origen extra anejo tequila [mexico],750ml,,289. 46,781. 55,3,,y,the private label codigo 1530 extra anejo tequila is rich and smooth flavor that is interesting and unique for even the most seasoned tequila connoisseur. With flavors of a port-finished bourbon and a mixture of sweetness and spiciness you will not be able to resist this delectable codigo 1530 extra anejo tequila. 40% abv,,liquors~tequila super premium~mexico~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100611,1codigo 1530 rosa blanco tequila [mexico],750ml,,62. 99,340. 17,6,,y,codigo 1530 rosa begins with the purity of our blanco then is rested for 1 month in uncharred napa cabernet french white oak barrels. The result is a refined spirit with a natural color as beautiful as its taste. Our rosa has rested just long enough in our fine cabernet barrels to enrich the natural agave juice without overpowering its delicate floral notes. 40% abv production notes we source only the finest napa cabernet french white oak barrels to age our rosa. We leave our rosa barrels uncharred allowing the cabernet to interact directly with the tequila imparting a subtle pink hue and light floral finish. Tasting notes leads with bright agave character and finishes with the soft floral notes of cabernet.,,liquors~tequila super premium~mexico~~~,,n,,n 290,085906100616,1codigo 1530 tequila * reposado 50ml (each) ,50ml,,7. 78,295. 58,60,,n,,,liquors~miniatures 50ml~~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100619,1codigo tequila * blanco ,375ml,,28. 99,313. 14,12,,n,,,liquors~tequila super premium~~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100620,1codigo 1530 tequila * blanco rosa ,375ml,,35. 36,381. 85,12,,n,,,liquors~tequila super premium~~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100634,1codigo 1530 tequila * blanco 6/cs ,lt,,59. 99,323. 94,6,,y,,,liquors~tequila super premium~~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100635,1codigo 1530 tequila * blanco rosa 6/cs ,lt,,81. 99,442. 74,6,,y,,,liquors~tequila super premium~~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100636,1codigo 1530 tequila * reposado 6/cs ,lt,,83. 57,451. 26,6,,y,,,liquors~tequila super premium~~~~,,n,,n 265,085906100690,1codigo tequila * anejo (george strait limited ed) ,750ml,,108. 94,588. 25,6,,y,,,liquors~tequila super premium~~~~,,n,,n 580,085906900100,1twenty rows cabernet sauvignon petit verdot cabernet franc malbec [usa],750ml,,21. 57,227. 75,12,,n,the nose displays aromas of bright black cherries followed by dusty cocoa and roasting coffee beans. Dense texture and a fine sense of balance enhance the flavors of blackberry currants vanilla bean and dark chocolate.” – twenty rows

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