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Binyamina Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher

$247.71 / case(12)



Binyamina reserve cabernet sauvignon is one of our top selling premium wines. This noble grape variety comes from vineyards planted in two adjacent appellations: the upper galilee on a combination of basaltic and terra rossa soil over a layer of hard limestone bedrock with efficient aeration of the roots; and the center of the golan heights with its deep basaltic soil and good drainage. These two areas enjoy a cool climate with chilly summer nights hot summer days and low humidity. These conditions encourage prolonged ripening and ideal development of the grapes’ color aroma and flavor. Winemaking process the grapes from both regions are harvested after nightfall with each vineyard harvested at a slightly different time for optimal grape ripeness. The grapes are destemmed as soon as they arrive at the winery and begin fermentation in small and medium sized tanks holding 5-12 tons each for the purposes of fermentation and extraction of flavors. The grapes undergo one to two wee,,wine~kosher wines~israel~kosher~galilee~,,n,,n 910,008775200883,1barkan classic merlot [israel],750ml,8,10. 52,113. 56,12,,n,”100% merlot grapes picked from the vineyards of the barkan winery in the galilee and judean plains. This wine has a superb fruity and velvet-like taste with a long and smooth finish. Origin vineyards of the barkan winery in the galilee and judean plains. Characteristics fruity and velvet-like with a long and smooth finish.” – barkan,,wine~kosher wines~israel~kosher~galilee~family:barkan,vt,y,,n 910,008775200885,1barkan sauvignon blanc [israel],750ml,5,10. 52,113. 56,12,,y,aged 6 months in stainless steel tanks blended with 6 months in new oak. Elegant complex blend of the buttery character from stainless steel fermentation. From barrel fermentation and the clean crisp fresh flavors,,wine~kosher wines~israel~kosher~galilee~family:barkan,vt,y,,n 220,008775201704,1askalon arak israel [israel],750ml,6,18. 62,201. 09,12,,n,askalon arak is produced in israel using only carefully selected ingredients that create the perfect harmony between alcohol and anise seed. The delicate taste and superb quality of askalon arak is evident in this middle eastern after-dinner treat. Kosher for passover. 40% abv 80 proof,,liquors~liqueur~israel~kosher~~,,n,,n 310,008780000040,1coors light * 8oz mini can [usa],8oz,0,0. 88,19. 20,24,,n,more than words; this is the way coors light is brought to life. First aged (lagered) below freezing to give our beer its crisp taste. Then it’s filtered cold so that it gets that brilliant bright appearance. Finally cold bottled at the peak of freshness to ensure that every coors light starts cold and refreshing and ends the same way. 4. 2% abv ingredients: great beer happens when you combine superior ingredients with a time-tested process. Every brew of coors light is made with traditional two-row lager malt which is made from our unique high country barley and four hop varieties. These are selected for their delicate aromatic properties. Coors has been using the same type of high country barley for decades for a history you can taste. Heritage: adolph coors set out to build a quality beer brewery and wound up creating a legacy. He was obsessed with making the best beer he could and built coors brewing in golden colorado because of the superior water quality. Co,,beer~us premium domestic~usa~~~,4. 14,6,,n,,n 308,008780000049,1smith and forge hard cider * 16oz cans [united states],16oz,0,2. 39,38. 40,24,,n,smith & forge is a hard cider with a crisp refreshing bite with a tart raw apple flavor and cidery notes. With its rich amber color it’s not sweet or meant to be served over ice. It’s naturally gluten free and certified accordingly. 6% abv,,beer~discontinued beers~united states~~~,6. 48,4,,n,,n 342,008784516542,1julius echter hefe weiss * 16. 9oz bottle [germany],16. 9oz,12,3. 15,56. 63,20,,n,this pale hefeweizen displays a rich lingering head foam a honey-hued body and the subtle aroma of banana and clove. The spicy flavor is enhanced by the silky mouth feel obtained through the use of wheat. The lingering finish mellows for quite some time. 4. 9% abv,,beer~imported german singles~germany~~~,,,,n,,n 342,008784517552,1julius echter dunkel * 16. 9oz bottle [germany],16. 9oz,15,3. 15,56. 63,20,,n,julius echter hefe-weiss dunkel comes from germany with an abv of 4. 9%. It pours a caramel brown color with a tall frothy head. Its aroma is sweet and malty with clove scents mixing with hints of wheat. The taste is an excellent balance between sweetness and bitterness with banana and wheat tones.,,beer~imported german singles~germany~~~,,,,n,,n 905,008787263012,1il conte stella rosa l’originale semi-sweet moscato d’asti docg muscat blanc a petits grains [italy],750ml,21,9. 97,119. 37,12,,n,overview stella rosa moscato & moscato d’asti keeps you on you’re a-game. This semi-sweet semi-sparkling wine is the perfect choice for girls-nights (and guys-nights) date nights daytime activities and you-time. Flavor profile peach apricot and honey. Size variations 750 ml – perfect to share with a few loved ones… Or just yourself that’s okay too! 187 ml babies – adds a delicate touch of elegance to gatherings and goody bags. Food pairing recommendations fresh fruit salted nuts fondue pad thai chicken alfredo pizza cheesecake.” – il conte stella rosa

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