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Chateau Doisy-daene L’extravagant Sauternes Semillon Sauvignon Blanc



Location & history chateau doisy-daene second classified growth in 1855 located in barsac in the sauternes appellation is in the dubourdieu family since 1924. For over eighty years three generations of winemakers have worked there from father to son to develop great sweet wines: george (1924-1948) pierre (1949-1999) and denis since 2000. How is this wine born? The first vintage of extravagant de doisy-daene is 1990. Pierre dubourdieu remembers this experience a little crazy my son denis wondered what could give a sauvignon noble rot to the extreme of its concentration; when picking daene doisy-sec it left only two bunches per vine on some plots and decided to wait as long as possible. When we harvested the grapes early november they were extremely focused completely confits a slightly purple color the film digested by botrytis pulp gathered around the seed sugar wealth was impressive;.. 36 ° to 40 ° potential alcohol pressing lasted two days.” the extravagant doisy-daene was also produced using the same process in 1996 1997 2001 2002 2003. The amounts thus obtained are very limited: 4 barrels in 1990 and 1996 5 in 1997 2003 2004 2005 6 in 2001 and 2002. Soils the terroir of barsac plateau is a unique geological formation in bordeaux. A thin layer of clayey sands “the barsac red sands” covers the calcaire. Cette rocky slab basement lightly cracked limits the rooting depth of the vine to about 50 cm. During the summer the slightly porous rock returns to the vine the water it was soaked during the winter avoiding excessive water stress. This type of soil gives exceptionally fine white wines. Winemaking & breeding harvest by experienced pickers requires 3-6 passages to gather at ideal stage grains concentrated by the “noble rot”. Since three-quarter century oenological progress and sensible traditions have combined to express the character of the grapes of doisy-daene. This craftsmanship makes a surprisingly minimalist production process. Extracted by slow pressings the musts both pure and rich ferment in oak barrels renewed by quarter. Livestock then begins 10 months in cask in the cool cellars punctuated by topping up weekly and regular racking. This is followed by 9 months of aging in stainless steel tanks before bottling. Tasting the doisy-daene wine has a particular style emphasizing the brightness of the fruit concentrate by the “noble rot” nervousness balance and delicacy of flavor. This style is both the expression of a large limestone soil and a family aesthetic tradition that racy white wines a diamond purity combining power and freshness in an endless youth.” – chateau doisy-daene

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