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Beer Buzz: Not From Round Here?…

Things have begun snowballing at a somewhat startling rate in the world of craft beer. In 2012 America had amassed 2,401 craft breweries, according to the Brewers Association. By their most recent count in 2015, that number has grown to 4,225. Such rapid growth has had many people, myself included,…

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State of Texas Spirits: Texas Tequila

Texas has more in common with our southern neighbor than just a border! The Lone Star State has been paving new roads into tequila production, with many brands being recognized nationwide. Sipping, shooting, or mixing, here are a few of the Texas tequilas that are making Texas proud! Dulce Vida…

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T For Texas & Toast To Texas Independence Day!

Celebrate the Lone Star State!

This Sunday is Texas Independence Day, when we celebrate the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence. There’s no better time to show your Texas pride except for maybe every single day of the year, so try some of these Texas favorites to help get your celebration started this Sunday!…

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The State of Texas Spirits

If there is one thing that makes a nightcap taste even better, it’s knowing that the spirit came from the great state of Texas. The list of great distilleries in Texas is quickly growing, and we’ve highlighted two of the most uniquely Texan options out there. While enjoying these Texas…

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Local Beer, Global Impact!

  • January 15, 2013
  • Beer

Spec’s is proud to stock a huge selection of beers from from local breweries such as Live Oak, Austin Beer Works, and Real Ale! Whether you’re building your beer collection or picking up a keg for your football bash, locally brewed beers can bring new flavors to your table and…

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The Stealthy Strength of Specialty Sodas

Spec’s stocks everything delicious, including a dizzying array of specialty sodas for mixing and merriment! We carry everything fine and fizzy – from regional cult products to award-winning international sodas designed for mixologists. For the regional soda aficionado, Cheerwine, an extra-bubbly cherry-based cola sweetened with cane sugar, has been produced…

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