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Kilbeggan Single Grain Irish Whiskey

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The notion that “single grain” describes a whiskey made with just one grain is a common misperception. Rather the term refers to whiskey made in a single location using malted barley and at least one other grain. 94% of the mash bill for kilbeggan® single grain is made of meticulously-sourced corn with the other 6% being malted barley. 43% abv 86 proof kilbeggan® single grain is a sweet spirit that absorbs the flavours of the casks it ages in. After aging in ex-bourbon barrels it is finished in a marriage of ex-bourbon and different fortified wine barrels giving it a smoothness that makes it ideal for cocktails as well as a depth of flavour that allows it to be appreciated neat. Kilbeggan® single grain carries on the spirit of innovation within the kilbeggan distilling co. Family and serves as a tribute to the town of kilbeggan. Nose coconut cream vanilla jellied fruit and summer red berries taste wafer-like biscuit sweetness hazelnut and light spice with nice oak tannins drying on the side of the mouth finish crisp and fruity glazed cherries drying with a lingering spice because kilbeggan® single grain is a great whiskey it lends itself to great cocktails. Its approachable smooth flavour profile represents yet another step in the evolution of kilbeggan distilling co. It thrives not only neat and in classic whiskey cocktails but also in signature cocktails designed to allow kilbeggan® single grain to shine.

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