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Bakon • Bacon Flavored Vodka

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People have been mixing savory ingredients with alcohol as long as we have been drinking alcohol. Writers from the 17th century including john locke and samuel pepys frequently imbibed and wrote about savory infused ales. It turns out that mixing sweet and savory in food and beverage is not a new idea. 35% abv 70 proof carnivorous cocktails: around the world today high-end lounges are serving a variety of “carnivorous cocktails.” the best mixologists are like chefs behind the bar and they don’t want to be limited to standard fruit-flavored infusions. These bartenders have found that the savory aspect of bacon makes a great dominant profile in a cocktail like a bakon martini with a blue cheese-stuffed olive. But it can also take the back seat with bacon’s smoky flavor subtly enhancing the taste in a concoction like a chocolate martini. Our story: we started out testing various infusions in our kitchen in the fall of 2007. We wanted to do it right to create a premium-quality vodka you’d enjoy drinking. To match an infusion we tested recipes for over two years finally landing at the one true “bakon vodka”. We start with a superior quality potato vodka. Distilled from potatoes it is smooth slightly sweet with the well-rounded flavor that you only get from a quality potato distillation with no strong burn or aftertaste. Our vodka is column-distilled using a single heating process that doesn’t “bruise” the alcohol like the multiple heating cycles needed to make a typical pot-still vodka. Getting the perfect savory bacon flavor took us a while to get right too. We wanted it to have the essence of a delicious crisp slice of peppered bacon. After numerous recipes and a lot of testing we got it right. And we think you’ll agree.

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