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Bribon Blanco Tequila

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Description tequila bribon is produced by one of the top three tequila families in mexico the don-roberto’s. They have been making high-quality tequila since 1924. Tequila bribon is the culmination of three generations of experience working together to create a tequila that will be enjoyed by connoisseurs and novices alike. 40% abv tequila bribon uses only fully matured 7-10-year-old agaves harvested by hand. Once harvested they are taken to the distillery where they are cooked for 18 hours at 100c to convert the starch to sugars. The cooked agaves are shredded and the juice (miel) is fermented in tanks at a consistent 32c utilizing a proprietary strain of yeast developed by don roberto. After fermentation the product is double distilled utilizing a process that combines pot-still distillate with column distillation. The end result is a tequila that that is complex and sophisticated while being extremely approachable and easy to drink. It also makes a great margarita. Color crystal clear nose white pepper and vegetal notes palate subtle vegetal notes and layers of white pepper combine on a viscous palate. Finish a lingering crisp clean finish

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  1. Cristina Hernandez

    excellent tequila,

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