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Elouan Pinot Noir, 2015/16/17

$215.87 / case(12)



Elouan pinot noir elouan is the result of californian winemakers venturing up to oregon one of the world’s renowned pinot noir regions with a goal to produce pinot noir with depth of flavor vibrancy and suppleness. For this wine we brought together fruit from three regions along oregon’s coast; umpqua willamette and rogue valleys which harmonize beautifully when blended as one. The diversity of these cool climate areas combined with an elongated growing season creates wine with intense structure while maintaining a vibrant acidity that differentiates it from any california pinot noir. Willamette valley the coolest of the regions at times it can be difficult to fully ripen the grapes. It is a worthy contributor to any pinot noir blend offering up fresh cranberry and rose petal notes with an intense acidity. Umpqua valley the most consistent region for pinot noir in oregon and the predominate force in the wine umpqua is the perfect stylistic middle ground. This region produ,,wine~us pinot noir~united states~~oregon~,2016,y,red,n 955,086577600040,-babe red with bubbles can 4pk [usa],250ml,,14. 62,78. 95,6,,n,”our rose comes from the italian hills of veneto and is bursting with fruity and vibrant flavors of strawberry and melon. You never sit still so why should your wine? Seven daughters is made to be enjoyed wherever life takes you. So pack it up head out and add a splash of color with a wine as fun and flavorful as you are. Cheers! Pairs with: fresh salads sauteed shrimp and relaxing on the patio.” – seven daughters,,wine~wines in cans~usa~~californai~,nv,y,,n 137,086582100006,1axe and oak rye whiskey 6/cs [us],750ml,,42. 09,252. 57,6,,n,,,liquors~rye whiskey~us~~~,,n,,n 180,086588400040,1you and yours dry gin 6/cs ,750ml,,41. 99,226. 74,6,,n,,,liquors~gin~~~~,,n,,n 160,086588400047,-you and yours * gin & tonic 4pk-355ml ,1. 4l,,20. 62,111. 35,6,,n,,,liquors~cocktails~~~~,,n,,n 160,086588400048,-you and yours * vodka mule 4pk-355ml ,1. 4l,,20. 62,111. 35,6,,n,,,liquors~cocktails~~~~,,n,,n 160,086588400049,-you and yours * cranberry vodka soda 4pk-355ml ,1. 4l,,20. 62,111. 35,6,,n,,,liquors~cocktails~~~~,,n,,n 650,086603600000,1destiny pink moscato [usa],750ml,,13. 67,147. 66,12,,n,,,wine~us wine miscellaneous white~usa~~~,,y,,n 650,086603600005,1destiny diamond moscato [usa],750ml,,13. 67,147. 66,12,,y,,,wine~us wine miscellaneous white~usa~~~,,y,,n 415,086624500344,1final touch port sippers * 4 pack [china],4 pk,,36. 83,263. 16,8,,n,,,gifts~glassware~china~~~,,n,,n 640,086631200024,1tendu red wine [usa],lt,,20. 94,221. 05,12,,y,the third year of tendu red wine is a mix of aglianico montepulciano and barbera from the weathered pink gravelly alluvium very low fertility soils (corning series) called the windmillvineyard. The vineyard is located outside of woodland (yolo county; dunnigan hills ava). It is of moderate elevation and it gets quite warm during the day. The warm season led to even faster ripening than normal in the hot dunnigan hills. The early harvest date (first part of august) kept the flavors very fresh. The added barbera in 2015 contributed vibrant natural acidity despite the warm growing season. The dry weather kept the fruit very healthy allowing for minimal sulfites use.” – matthiasson

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