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Monte Campo Delle Venezie IGT Pinot Grigio, 2015/2016

$72.19 / case(6)



Vinification and ageing: the grapes are subjected to a delicate crush and soft pressing with the use of presses operating under vacuum. Fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature of about 18° c (64° f) which preseerves the fruitiness and the finest sensory characteristics of the wine. Injection of selected yeasts guarantees maximum quality of the wine’s aromas and flavours. Colour appealing straw-yellow colour with delicate reflections in whic extremely fine and subtle tonalities of green are perceptible. Bouquet delicately fruity relatively full and refined. It offers an ensemble of aromas of great finesse. Flavour remarkably soft lightly dry yet extremely fresh. It also offers a delicious reminder of the original grape. Its light and elegant structure makes this an unusually refined and aristocratic wine. Food matches it combines particularly well delicate appetizers pastacourses with light sauces and white meats. In addition it makes a fine aperitif and is hi,,wine~italian pinot grigio~italy~~veneto~family:monte campo,vt,y,white,y 550,087615300277,1zonin prosecco glera [italy],187ml,621,11. 55,81. 26,8,,n,”casa vinicola zonin s. P. A. Italy’s largest privately held wine company produces prosecco a wine for enjoying simple moments of life. Prosecco’s attractive packaging makes it the perfect choice for all occasions from a night at home with friends to a night out on the town. Zonin prosecco is a varietal wine made from the glera grape which is native to the veneto region. There the zonin family owns the largest glera vineyards in italy. It is from these vineyards that the fruit for prosecco is sourced. This control over all aspects of the production from vineyard to glass allows zonin to produce the freshest prosecco on the market. Prosecco is a lively sparkling wine that is essential to having fun italian-style. It is dry food-friendly and adds an element of festivity to any gathering or meal. Prosecco’s fresh and fruity flavor profile make it easy to pair with any kind of food and also makes it a delightful aperitif. Its stylish yet classic packaging is eye catching and mak,,wine~sparkling wines – italy/other~italy~~veneto~family:zonin,nv,n,white,y 485,087625800000,1cigar makers mark 5×38 single ,5×38,23,7. 04,153. 16,25,,y,size: 5×38 strength: mild wrapper: ecuadorian country: dominican republic the wrapper leaves on these cigars are seasonned well with the great taste of makers mark bourbon making this a favorite among smokers.,,cigars~cigars * bulk~~~~,,n,,n 415,087671800400,1true fab * measured shot glass [china],1. 5 oz,23,2. 94,30. 44,12,,y,printed measured shot glass makes it easy to measures liquid ounces total capacity is 1. 5 ounces. Perfect for shots use this to measure liquor and spirits to mix drinks like a pro,,gifts~glassware~china~~~,,n,,n 413,087671800404,1true fab * uncork it ahso opener [china],,16,6. 31,6. 31,1,,y,this double-pronged cork puller prevents double prong cork puller. Sturdy grip of its prongs and strong metal corks from being damaged while opening bottles with the handle. The puller also comes with a plastiv sleeve.,,gifts~wine accessories~china~~~,,n,,n 413,087671800451,1true fab * foil cutter [china],,26,2. 09,2. 09,1,,y,this flex-grip wine bottle foil cutter is made from tough abs plastic and is outfitted with four blades for quick and seamless cutting.,,gifts~wine accessories~china~~~,,n,,n 415,087671802149,1true fab * sake set 5pc ,5 pc,5,16. 83,60. 13,4,,y,this beautiful set is the perfect gift for any occasion. Enjoy authentic japanese sake with the true fabrication sake set. This beautiful hand-painted ceramic sake set come with four caps and one pitcher perfect for having your family and friends over for your next sushi party! The true favrications sake set can be used for more than just sake pour your favorite tea or coffee while enjoying some hand-made sashimi,,gifts~glassware~~~~,,n,,n 420,087671802189,1true fab * plastic cocktail shaker w/recipes [china],12 oz,38,7. 36,7. 36,1,,y,pre-equipped with printed recipes and ounce measurements this plastic recipe shaker make creating your own cocktails at home easier than ever!,,gifts~bar supply~china~~~,,n,,n 415,087671804840,1true * tumbler double wall glitter gold 24 oz [china],24 oz,12,9. 46,102. 19,12,,n,,,gifts~glassware~china~~~family:beach,,n,,n 484,087674200000,1cigar drew estate acid krush blue connecticut single tin 10pk [nicaragua],10pk,1,18. 94,88. 42,5,,n,krush classic is a quick taste of the acid flavor offered in a small 4 x 32 easy-to-smoke format. Offered in four different infusion & wrapper varieties these are the perfect short smoke for the acid fan. Packed in 10 ct. Tins. Size: 4 x 32 wrapper: connecticut,,cigars~cigars * packaged~nicaragua~~~,,n,,n 485,087674200113,1cigar drew estate acid blondie single [nicaragua],4×38,4,5. 25,195. 79,40,,y,size: 4 x 38 wrapper: ct shade body: medium,,cigars~cigars * bulk~nicaragua~~~,,n,,n 485,087674200114,1cigar drew estate acid kuba kuba single [nicaragua],5×54,5,7. 78,174. 82,24,,y,size: 5 x 54 wrapper: sumatra body: medium,,cigars~cigars * bulk~nicaragua~~~,,n,,n 888,087714700004,1corte alla flora vino nobile di montepulciano docg prugnolo gentile merlot cabernet sauvignon [italy],750ml,5,26. 31,142. 04,6,,n,”colour : ruby red bright and strong. Bouquet : intense and fragrant with clear-cut fruity notes of raspberry sweet violet and blackberry followed by vanilla and coffee. Flavour : soft and velvety at first the acidity is well balanced and in harmony with the alcohol and the tannins the latter are present but not aggressive. A wine of substantial body and structure it has great character and is highly suitable for aging. Goes well with : flavoursome traditional pasta courses game well matured cheeses and seasoned meats.”- corte alla flora,,wine~brunello & vino nobile~italy~~tuscany~,vt,y,,n 992,087715000118,1riglos quinto rose [argentina],750ml,61,11. 57,124. 93,12,,n,,,wine~argentina wines~argentina~~mendoza~,2019,y,,y 992,087715000132,1riglos gran malbec [argentina],750ml,132,31. 57,340. 93,12,,n,aged for 21 months in french oak barrels. Red with some bluish tints followed by blackeberries ripe plums and mineral notes on the nose. Concentrated and long with a good balance between fruit and acidity; sweet tannins.,,wine~argentina wines~argentina~~mendoza~,16/17,n,red,y 992,087715000156,1riglos quinto cabernet sauvignon [argentina],750ml,36,18. 94,204. 51,12,,n,,,wine~argentina wines~argentina~~mendoza~,2019,y,,y 992,087796700101,1dante robino estate bottled malbec [argentina],750ml,61,12. 94,136. 67,12,,n,”vineyard: the yield of the vineyards is 80 q/ha. With about 50 year-old low trellis vines in stony well drained soil watered by furrows with thawing water. Located in a wide night-day temperature difference area the vineyards are at 930 m above sea level with excellent light typical of the region. Production process: grapes are harvested from high eonological quality vineyards with low production and good sanity. These vineyards have a strict maturity control before harvest. The harvest is manual grapes are de-stemmed refrigerated and fermented and then sent to small vats of 100 to 300 hl. Capacity with plaques that regulate temperature allowing hot and cold water to keep temperature at 25°c. Alcoholic fermentation lasts for about 10 days and afterwards maceration starts and goes on for about another 10 to 15 days the final product being determined by tasting. Once racked it is in contact with american oak to get a grape-oak balanced wine. Organoleptic description:


tan rating:

,,wine~argentina wines~argentina~~mendoza~family:robino,2018,y,red,y 560,087796700113,1novecento sparkling extra brut [argentina],750ml,2489,12. 94,136. 67,12,,y,the nose offers vibrant aromas of citrus fruit. In the great for seafood salad fried tempura grilled fish and creamy fresh cheese. Mouth the mousse offers fine bubbles and a pleasant and balanced finish. The marked acidity and light body make it,,wine~sparkling wines miscellaneous~argentina~~mendoza~,nv,y,white,y 992,087796700121,1novecento chardonnay [argentina],750ml,43,8. 94,94. 36,12,,n,this white wine of bright yellow color with greenish glints is an aromatic mix of flowers and tropical ripe fruit. In the mouth it appears harmonious refreshing and ample.,,wine~argentina wines~argentina~~mendoza~,18/19,y,white,y 992,087796700139,1dante robino reserva estate bottled malbec [argentina],750ml,109,18. 94,99. 98,6,,n,”alcoholic fermentation: 11 day fermentation with indigenous yeasts to a maximum temperature of 28ºc in small vats. 13 day post-fermentative maceration. 24 day contact between must/new wine and its skin and seeds. Malolactic fermentation: yes – naturally done in barrels. Ageing: 15 months in second and third use french oak barrels (medium toast). Tasting notes purple red characteristic of malbec intense and bright. In the nose it offers red fruit like blackberry and plum and subtle notes of vanilla and toast coming from the barrel. On the palate it is a lingering wine with kind tannins. It is an elegant malbec fruity and balanced for those who enjoy this kind of wines. Tasting notes purple red characteristic of malbec intense and bright. In the nose it offers red fruit like blackberry and plum and subtle notes of vanilla and toast coming from the barrel. On the palate it is a lingering wine with kind tannins. It is an elegant malbec fruity and balanced for thos,,wine~argentina wines~argentina~~mendoza~family:robino,2017,y,red,y 560,087796700151,1dante robino sparkling extra brut ,750ml,100,11. 57,124. 93,12,,y,this young sparkling wine shines with aromas of fresh citrus fruit. The style is dry inviting and easy to drink. Ideal for cocktails this bubbly is a real game changer and scores points when served with fried fish tacos and your favorite finger foods!,,wine~sparkling wines miscellaneous~~~mendoza~family:robino,nv,y,white,y 700,087903900159,1turley zinfandel old vine [usa],750ml,144,30. 52,329. 56,12,,n,,,wine~us zinfandel~usa~~napa~,2017,y,red,n 411,087905400010,#mongibello juice * blood orange 100% 1 quart carton [usa],32 oz,84,7. 15,50. 36,8,,y,100 % juice made from blood oranges grown in sicily in the area around mount etna (also known as mongibello in italy) the tallest active volcano in europe.,,foods~juices~usa~~~,,n,,n 455,087989000196,#crunchmaster multiseed crackers * rosemary oil [usa],4 oz,27,4. 09,43. 20,12,,n,,,foods~crackers~usa~~~,,n,,n 434,088120126496,#cheese * carr valley cranberry chipotle cheddar stix [usa],1 oz,3,1. 46,61. 64,48,,y,,,foods~cheese not weighed~usa~~~,,n,,n 830,088312271302,1dr. Pauly-bergweiler spatlese bernkasteler badstube riesling [germany],750ml,0,26. 31,277. 77,12,,n,”terrior the closest vineyard to the wine estate is the bernkasteler badstube (loosely translated it means something like „the roman spa of bernkastel). Our property is split into many small lots totaling to about 15 acres. The main soil type in the bernkasteler badstube is a medium-deep clay-slated residual soil having varying parts of loam and stone mineral content. In some areas one encourters pure slate having a high mineral content. Description the spatlese from the bernkasteler badstube is harvested about 3 weeks after the riesling kabinett. Therefor it shows much more concentration of ripe fruit such as ripe apricot combined with ripe peach aromas. Suggestion this wine is ideal with very spicy foods such as thai or even indian style dishes.” – dr. Pauly-bergweiler


wine enthusiasts rating: 87 vintage: 2014

,,wine~german mosel~germany~~mosel~,2014,y,white,y 830,088312287120,1dr. Pauly-bergweiler dry riesling [germany],750ml,18,16. 83,181. 77,12,,n,”waxy muted floral tones perfume this glassy light-footed dry riesling. The palate is fruity but crisp suggesting tart yellow plums and limes. The finish is lean and mineral-driven but persistent. Drink now through 2021.” – anna lee c. Iijima wine enthusiast


wine enthusiasts rating: 89 vintage: 2016

,,wine~german mosel~germany~~mosel~,17/18,y,white,y 415,088331473830,1arc * coupe glasses girlfriends lips 4pc set [usa],5 oz,1,17. 78,63. 58,4,,n,,,gifts~glassware~usa~~~,,n,,n 438,088571200028,#meat * bellville meat market original summer sausage [usa],16 oz,12,7. 15,100. 72,16,,n,,,foods~meats not weighed~usa~~~,,n,,n 438,088571200030,#meat * bellville meat market sweet chipotle summer sausage [usa],16 oz,15,7. 15,100. 72,16,,n,,,foods~meats not weighed~usa~~~,,n,,n 420,088624500400,1final touch cocktail shaker w/recipes [china],16 oz,7,20. 99,112. 74,6,,y,- glass calibrated in ounces and mililiters – imprinted with 7 popular cocktail recipes – thick glass base with brushed stainless steel lid – leek proof watertights seal prevents spills – dishwasher safe – 16 oz,,gifts~bar supply~china~~~,,n,,n 462,088772500001,1electrolit electrolyte beverage * coconut [mexico],21 oz,70,2. 99,31. 58,12,,n,contains 4 important electrolyte sources that help you hydrate faster including potassium to prevent muscle spasms magnesium to keep cramps away calcium to help stabilize sodium reserves and sodium lactate to reduce stomach discomfort.,,foods~recovery items~mexico~~~,,n,,n 760,088826087555,1villamont sous le puits puligny montrachet [france],750ml,78,83. 99,907. 07,12,,n,this naturally cool vineyard fared well in warm 2015 giving wine that has retained minerality and a crisp texture. It is fruity while having a tight edge as well as layers of acidity. Drink from 2020.”- roger voss wine enthusiast

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