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The Ned Pinot Noir

$177.73 / case(12)



Viticulture sourced from the renowned ben morven and slopes vineyards the 2015 vintage was naturally low yielding with a long ripening period that has ensured optimal fruit expression and super supple tannin. Our pinot noir vines are planted in the deep clay loams of the southern valleys universally regarded as the finest pinot noir terroir in marlborough. The vines are cane pruned and meticulously tended to achieve a naturally balanced crop of intensely flavoured fruit. Vintage having survived a string of spring frosts the timing of budburst was nearly identical to last year though a subsequent cooling off meant early vine development wasn’t quite as vigorous as seen previously. November was dry with temperatures slightly above average. December bought with it a noticeable drop in temperature and just shy of 10mm of rain. This was to coincide with the critical stages of flowering and fruit set and goes some way to explain the lighter than usual 2015 yields. By christmas t,,wine~new zealand wines~new zealand~~marlborough~,17/18,y,red,y 504,085307600321,1fairhall cliffs sauvignon blanc [new zealand],750ml,83,8. 94,94. 36,12,,n,,,wine~new zealand wines~new zealand~~marlborough~,18/19,y,white,y 430,085315800404,#alkaline88 8. 8ph drinking water * 700ml sport top [usa],23 oz,15,1. 36,29. 31,24,,y,,,foods~waters~usa~~~,,n,,n 430,085315800411,#alkaline88 8. 8ph drinking water * 1 gallon [usa],gal,40,5. 15,18. 32,4,,y,,,foods~waters~usa~~~,,n,,n 319,085319900701,1ranger creek skytrooper ipa * cans [texas],12oz,18,2. 20,35. 62,24,,n,a central texas take on the classic american style ranger creek opa is an american pale ale at heart with oat malt for body and creamy mouthfeel. It has smooth sweet and toasty malt flavors with an underlying creamy nuttiness from the oats. The malt profile is balanced nicely by u. S. Grown centennial and citra hops. The nose and finish are full of toasted coconut pineapple lime zest apricot and herbaceous spice making this beer pair well with thai food a juicy hamburger with sharp cheddar and oatmeal cookies. 5. 8% abv,,beer~texas craft package cans~texas~~san antonio~,8. 94,6,,n,,n 540,085321500303,1el xamfra mercat brut rose macabeo xarel-lo parellada [spain],750ml,51,15. 67,169. 26,12,,n,”pale salmon-pink in color with zesty aromas of citrus wild strawberry and fennel. Apple berry and brioche flavors are balanced on a firm structure of mineral acidity and fine bubbles.” – el xamfra,,wine~sparkling wines – spain~spain~~catalonia~,nv,y,pink,n 455,085324000300,#asturi bruschettini * classico [italy],4 oz,8,3. 15,33. 22,12,,y,snack size italian breschetta toasts are baked using unbleached flour and only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. They are the perfect snack all by themselves or topped with almost anything a great appetizer for any occasion. All natural & baked in italy! 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Aviation explores the rich floral and savory notes of lavender cardamom and sarsaparilla to capture the lushness spice creativity and freshness of the pacific northwest. This harmonious blend allows the craft spirit to shine on its own as well as when mixed in vintage drinks or contemporary culinary cocktails. 42% abv (84 proof),,liquors~gin~united states~~~,,n,,n 413,085353100389,1tangico * texas born wine stoppers ,3 pk,23,15. 04,161. 05,12,,n,,,gifts~wine accessories~~~~,,n,,n 465,085360900531,1klein bros candy * assorted sours [usa],12 oz,5,4. 20,44. 34,12,,y,a time-tested favorite with the sweet and tart taste.,,foods~candy not by weight~usa~~~,,n,,n 318,085362600601,-live oak pilz * 6pk can [texas],12oz,10,9. 88,35. 79,4,,y,styled after the bohemian classic pilz is a crisp golden pilsner with an assertive hop character. With special moravian heirloom barley malt a traditional decoction mash creates a firm yet light body and deep golden color. Cold fermentation with a czech lager yeast and lengthy secondary conditioning produce a brilliant beer that highlights the spicy and grassy saaz hops. Authenticity in a glass; pilz is beer. 4. 7% abv,,beer~texas craft package bottles~texas~~austin~,,6,,n,,n 318,085362600606,-live oak hefeweizen * 6pk can [texas],12oz,38,9. 88,35. 79,4,,n,modeled after the classic wheat beers of bavaria hefeweizen is cloudy and straw-colored with a meringue-like head that lingers to the bottom of the glass. Brewed with an ample volume of wheat malt and few hops this beer features a unique yeast strain that produces harmonious notes of clove banana and vanilla throughout this effervescent brew. A traditional interpretation of a classic style this idiosyncratic bavarian beer is perfectly at home here in texas. 5. 3% abv,,beer~texas craft package bottles~texas~~austin~,,6,,n,,n 455,085366500554,1mary’s gone crackers * rosemary [usa],5 oz,8,6. 83,36. 06,6,,n,,,foods~crackers~usa~~~,,n,,n 449,085372900148,#st james cold smoked salmon * garlic & pepper 8oz [scotland],8 oz,8,15. 78,176. 72,12,,y,boneless salmon marinated in our special sauce smoked and cooked. Natural source of omegar-3 fatty acids excellent source of protein.,,foods~seafood not by weight~scotland~~~,,n,,n 449,085372900152,#st james cold smoked salmon * gravadlax 8oz [scotland],8 oz,7,15. 78,176. 72,12,,y,marinated salmon is the shining star of smoked salmon delicacies. A unique appetizer it gracefully steals the show at many a dinner party. Gravadlax means ‘salmon from the grave originally salmon fillets were marinated in salt pepper sugar and dill and placed underground for 3 days. This gourmet food is a must try and you’ll want to buy this marinated salmon to share with special friends.

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