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National Martini Month Martini Recipes - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

National Martini Month

Martinis are no longer restricted to business lunches and casually cool spies. In fact, it’s as common to see them at brunch as it is at happy hour. From gin or vodka to fruity, sweet, or savory, the martini is a jack of all trades. Join us in celebrating this…

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National Martini Day - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

National Martini Day

The martini is a timeless classic. It never falls out of fashion and there’s no shortage of Bond films to remind us of its cool factor. Numerous theories on the cocktail’s origins exist, as do numerous versions and recipes. From gin or vodka to fruity or savory, the martini is…

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Martini Month

Whether you shake it, stir it, make it dry, dirty, or perfect — there’s no denying that the martini is an American favorite that has been a staple in bars since the early 20th century. This month we celebrate this classic cocktail with a few variations of the recipe. Swing…

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Olives – The Object of Desire!

There’s probably hundreds, perhaps thousands of tasty ways, to celebrate Olive Day. However, in our case, we’d like to extend an olive branch---over a few martinis then shake it gently until those briny green baubles land gently on top! Other garnishes like lemon peels or pearl onions can be used…

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