Beer And Gourmet Food Pairings For The Big Game

Beer and Gourmet Food Pairings for the Big Game

Cheering on your team during the big game works up quite the appetite—and thirst! But before you rally up your game day party guests, be sure you’re prepared. It’s not just about stocking the cooler with old brews and tossing some pretzels in a big bowl. You could easily up the wow factor of your football watch party by pairing the right types of beer with gourmet foods.

We’ve collected a few pairings suggestions so you can take your party to the next level of deliciousness!

Pale Ale and Hot Wings or a Cheese Platter

Ales tend to be a bit sweeter than bocks or say lagers. They compliment the spiciness of Mexican food, Parmesan cheese, and especially hot wings. Hot wings are practically a staple when you gather up your hungry, sports-loving fans. The best way to wash down that spicy sauce is with a refreshing brew. We recommend pairing a good pale ale such as Hops and Grain with our bestselling Hot Wings Platter. Hot wings not your thing? If you’d prefer to class it up some, then try pairing this pale ale with a decadent, cheese platter like our Around the World, which features rich cheeses like our rosemary asiago, camembert, a 3-month old manchego and champagne cheddars.

Amber Lager and Garlic and Herb Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Amber lager pairs exceptionally well with the taste of red meat. Our garlic and herb roasted tenderloins are so succulent; they simply melt in your mouth. So they are sure to be a touchdown with your guests. Our pick for an amber lager to wash it down comes from right here in our lone star state, from San Antonio to be precise. Alamo Amber lager is a great craft beer and comes in an affordable ¼ barrel keg.

Brown Ale and Gourmet Sliders

What’s better than a slider? A gourmet slider. The slight hoppiness and caramel notes of Ale Smith Nut Brown Ale, pair amazingly with the tastes of these gourmet sliders. They feature roast beef and cheddar, turkey and brie, and ham and manchego.

Weiss and Cocktail Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the most versatile, and popular seafood. A cloudy weiss’ spice balances out the soft shrimp, while the wheaty zest of the beer cut into the shrimp’s flesh. Your hungry guests may have a harder time cheering during the game with this pairing— because their mouths are gonna be full.

If you want more recommendations for food and beer pairing gloriousness, make a blitz to your local Spec’s and ask the beer experts.

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