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Divine Chocolate & Wine: Sweet Valentine’s Day Pairings

Divine Chocolate & Wine: Sweet Valentine’s Day Pairings

Your significant other isn’t the only thing that can sweep you off your feet this Valentine’s Day! Chocolate and wine have been having a discreet love affair for centuries and we think you should get in on the action. If paired correctly, chocolate and wine can be the ultimate power couple. Check out our pairing list and get ready to indulge!

Chocolate & Sea Salt + Verdejo

White wine goes wonderfully with salty foods and the combination of this Spanish Verdejo with a sea salt milk chocolate will unlock a wonderful new world of flavors.

Cherry Cordials + Tempranillo

The brown sugar components of this tempranillo beautifully accent the cherry cordial with its bold and smooth palate.

Caramel-filled Chocolate + Lambrusco

The slight sweetness of this lambrusco compliments the sweet, salty, fat and bitter flavors of the caramel chocolate quite harmoniously.

Dark Chocolate + Banyuls

The polyphenols in dark chocolate mirror those in wine and give both a somewhat bitter taste which is what this banyuls pairs perfectly with.

Chocolate Strawberries + Moscato D’Asti

The sparkly, light sweetness of this Moscato D’Asti is an excellent palate cleanser to the strawberry’s ripe juiciness.

Hersey Kisses + Champagne

A dry finish to the sweetness of a kiss can be quire refreshing! This Champagne is perfect due to its lack of added sugar.

White Chocolate + Pinot Noir

While white chocolate isn’t technically a true chocolate due to its lack of cacao, it is one of the few chocolate-like sweets that pair well with a dry red wine like this pinot noir.


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