Takeout Pairings

Takeout Pairings

2020 will be known as the summer of takeout. Restaurants across the country have been serving up their meals for takeout and if you’ve found yourself looking for a drink menu you’re not alone. Having a drink that compliments your order just makes the meal. It takes it from food in a box to…fancy food in a box? Pairing your meal with a glass of wine, the perfect beer, or a fresh cocktail elevates a takeout order to an almost restaurant quality experience at home.

Checkout some of our favorite summer discoveries and get the plastic utensils ready for some highfalutin dining!



A Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent choice for a big, juicy burger. If you prefer whites, a buttery Chardonnay does a great job standing up to this rich dish.

A hoppy IPA cuts the fat of a burger perfectly and refreshes the palate after each bite.

Mexican Food

Meatless cheese dishes – A light and smooth Chenin Blanc is subtle enough to not overpower delicate cheese flavors

Beef dishes – Amber beer or a young Rioja will stand up to the peppery, rich flavors.

Tacos, tostadas and dips like guacamole and salsa fresca – margarita, wheat beer, hard seltzer offer a crisp and refreshing counterpoint to the bright citrus flavors.

Chinese Food

Overall – The semi-sweetness of a Riesling is always a nice accompaniment to most flavors found in Chinese food.

Spicy dishes – Saison beer with its lemon characteristics and earthy peppery notes, a good choice for spicy and garlicky Sichuan dishes. Syrah’s dark and mellow red wine will complement the spicy sweetness.

Sesame dishes – Mai Tai: Dark rum and orgeat taps into the rich, toasty, nutty, sweetness of the chicken glaze while the citrus brightens the dish with acid

Rich dishes – Malbec’s richness works well with equally rich dishes.


A rosé with its crisp coolness is an excellent balance for the heavy, smoky flavors of barbecue. Or try a Rosé mead for a fruity, light, and dry compliment.


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