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The 10 Best Summer Beers Of 2018

The 10 Best Summer Beers of 2018

Nothing’s worse than a boring beer cooler. Spice up your summer sipping with a little variety. It’s the “spice of life” after all. Here’s a collection of some of the best beers that Spec’s has to offer right now. Some of them you may have heard of, while others have oddball names that give most people a ‘confused puppy-look’ when they hear their names. (But that’s par for the course in the world of craft beer.) Rest assured, these beer picks are superb.

Buffalo Bayou • Summer’s Wit
Buffalo Bayou (out of hometown of Houston), takes a classic Belgian Witbier and ads a floral twist. Brewed with hibiscus flowers, ginger coriander, and orange peel. This beer features a big floral nose, light citrus flavors and dry coriander on the finish.

Against the Grain • Citra Ass Down IPA
A name that pulls no punches—nor does the taste! This offering from Against the Grain brewery is a very hop forward American style IPA. Brewed with Pale, Vienna, Munich and wheat malt for a solid base for all American hops, focusing mainly on the variety “Citra.” Citra is a relatively new breed of hops in the US market, but if more beers like Citra Ass Down keep popping up, we’re certain it’ll become a staple in the IPA scene.

Karbach • Tasty Waves Summer Ale
A new Summer Seasonal release from Karbach. Tasty Waves is citrusy and breezy with the perfect kiss of sea salt and fruit. And some of the proceeds from this beer go to supporting Coastal Conservation Association of Texas (CCA)

Schofferhofer • Grapefruit Hefeweizen Radler
Rather than using typical lager and flavored soda like most radlers on the market, this is a blend of hefeweizen brewed in the traditional Bavarian style with sun-ripened grapefruit juice. The result is a light, refreshing beer that goes perfectly with a sunny day outdoors.

New Belgium • Hemperor HPA
This one-of a kind beer is delightful. Yep, you guessed it! It’s got actual hemp infused flavors. (Hence the name HPA) This innovative brew is a Colorado original, and definitely deserves a try this summer; especially if you’re a hops-lover.

Armadillo Ale Works • Honey Please Mesquite Bean Blonde
The pleasant trio of Honey Malt, Mesquite Beans, and Texas Honey come together harmoniously in this delicious blonde ale. This ale from the Denton, Tx based Armadillo ale works is very easy to drink and well balanced; An essential for backyard BBQs and poolside sipping.

Left Hand • Death Before Disco Porter
Some people argue that a porter can never be a summer beer. But if you’re going to throw a hearty burger, or a thick and juicy steak on the grill—a porter makes an outstanding pairing. This brand new offering from Left Hand is smooth and slightly nutty. It’s roasty and chocolaty not unlike an iced coffee, but contains a smooth body that’s not too heavy. It is great around a nighttime bonfire, or on a rainy afternoon.

Founders All Day IPA
Founders All Day IPA is outrageously flavorful Session Ale, without a lot of the malt backbone and body. Boasting a slightly lower ABV, it’s very drinkable. All Day IPA also comes in a 15 pack for some odd reason. (Why? Who knows!) This awesome beer is a must have for your backyard cooler this summer.

Well’s Banana Bread Beer
Ok, not everyone is a fan of banana bread. We had one skeptic who claimed she absolutely loathes it. But after one sip of this bad boy, she instantly became a banana believer. The malt backbone is supple. Even if you’re not a fan of fruit beers, there’s still a good chance you’ll enjoy this one, as the fruitiness is much more subtle. Branch out, and give this refreshing and flavorful summer sipper a try.

Saint Arnold Summer Pils
First thing’s first: Saint Arnold won the 2017 Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year Award at the Great American Beer Festival! Beat the summer heat with this refreshing pilsner. It’s crisp, and oh, so drinkable.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your summer with some of these outstanding beers, and if you want any more recommendations don’t hesitate to ask the hops experts at your local Spec’s.



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