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New Wines, Spirits & Beers for 2021

It’s January so you’ve probably finished reading all the 2020 recaps and are beyond ready to move on and leave those 365 days as far behind as possible! We feel you. So, what’s new for beverages in the year 2021 you ask? Well, settle on down and get ready to…

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Summer Beers - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Suds of Summer

There’s nothing better than hot summer days and long summer nights, especially when you have the perfect summer beer keeping you refreshed while you sweat from dawn to dark! You could spend precious time searching for a new summer favorite, but we went ahead and put together a list of…

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Sip & Stream - TV, Movie & Drink Pairings - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Sip & Stream – Week Three

Here we are in week 3 of Spec’s Sip & Stream pairing suggestions, and we’re still finding things to watch. It really is amazing how much entertainment is at our fingertips in this digital age of convenience! Anyway, let’s get to mixing up some deliciousness. Castle Rock • Hulu The…

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Lighter Beers For Spring - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Lighter Beers for Spring

It’s officially springtime! And more importantly, winter is done ruining our outdoor fun! Also done are winter’s dark, thick beers that kept us full and warm during the cold season. Which means lighter spring beers are here to refresh your hibernating palate with gusto! Check out our list of spring…

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Winter Warmer Beers - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Winter Warmer Beers – ‘Tis The Season of Suds

With the rise of craft breweries across America, consumers have become more adventurous and no longer demand the exact same beer 365 days a year. Now when they shop, they’re much more interested in finding something new and different rather than more of the same. This has led to the…

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If You Mustard…

It’s still prime grilling season (outside of the occasional tropical depression) and that coupled with Oktoberfest means lots of flame-kissed meats! Whether you’re serving dogs in buns, sausage links or bigger cuts, a good mustard is something you should absolutely have at hand. So, is there a “better” mustard for…

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Still Grillin’

“We’re heading into Oktoberfest season and that means great things for your next barbecue. Where we talked about the Helles style being straight forward beer flavored beer, Oktoberfest and other amber styles like it bring toasted malt flavors that make them perfect alongside the things you’re cooking on your grill…

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