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Heads Up For Halloween!

Get a head start on October’s big celebration! Creep through our monster array of craft beers, tip toe around our bootiful bounty of wines, get caught up in our wide web of uplifting spirits and snacks. We’ve also got plenty of skullduggery on hand! Nail down all your ghostly goodies…

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Take A Tap Home! The Spec’s Kegerator Guide

Home kegerator customers are a much-appreciated and growing segment of Spec’s customers. With the recent craft beer explosion, the trend towards home kegs is expected to continue. Been considering your own keg cooler? Here’s Spec’s comprehensive guide to home keg service! Choosing a kegerator When choosing a keg cooler there…

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Say Ah! Ah-So Wine Openers

Spec’s wine accessory wall has something for every sort of opening occasion. While the classic corkscrew is a must-have, the twisting tool can cause complications. For those times when a corkscrew just won’t do, Spec’s suggests adding ah-so opener to your wine accessory drawer. This rabbit-eared wonder is a great…

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