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Surfs Up Cocktails: Easy Pool Beverages

Pool days are a summer rite of passage! They define the lazy days of the heat-soaked season and offer a fun getaway from the daily grind. And any trip to paradise needs to taste like it too! So, instead of, or along with, the standard beach and pool beverages of…

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July 4th Campfire Cocktails

This Fourth of July why not try something different to celebrate the independence of America? Instead of the typical red, white, and blue themed party or fighting traffic to get downtown and stand in a crowd staring up at the sky, what about getting out of your familiar surroundings and…

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Summer Cocktail Pairings

Ahh summertime, the season of getting out and getting down! Whether you’re heading to a pool party, a day by the lake, or throwing a bash at your place, odds are there’s going to be food – and not just any food, but fancy summer favorites. And while we typically…

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Saké To Me

When you think about saké you probably think about Japan and rice, and you’d be correct on both counts. Saké, the oldest known spirit in the world, is often incorrectly referred to as rice wine. Rice wine, like Western wine with grapes, is made from the fermentation of rice. While…

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Cinco de Mayo Cocktails and Food Pairings

Everybody has margaritas on the mind this week as Cinco de Mayo is finally here! If you’re throwing a party you’ve probably got more than margaritas on your mind like food and drinks, besides margaritas, that pair with that food. Well, no need to worry your pretty little cabeza about…

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Best Tequila For Your Margarita

Best Tequila for Your ‘Rita

The most important part of any margarita is the tequila. Without it, all you have is some kind of lime Slurpee that no one wants to drink. So if you crave a great tasting margarita, the question is: Which type of tequila should you use? Silver Tequila (Blanco, Plata, White,…

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Chocolate Mint Recipes

Chocolate Mint To Raise Your Spirits

Chocolate and mint go so well together that National Chocolate Mint Day is recognized by the US National Confectioners Association and happily observed on February 19th by chocolate mint lovers everywhere! Even nature gets in on this delicious action! The chocolate mint plant features dark-green purplish leaves and garners its…

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Low Calorie Liquors

New Year, New You: Low Calorie Liquors

Trying to shred those holiday pounds can be stressful; It almost makes you want to have a glass of wine or scotch just thinking about all that work. The challenge here are the extra calories that alcohol tacks on. What to do? Fear not—we’ve got your New Year’s resolution solution.…

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Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity GosSIP: Top 5 Celebrity Spirits We Love

Celebrities like their fame, why else would they have so many award shows? But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find everything from furniture to make-up with a famous name on the package. When it comes to finding a star in your local bar (we’re talking bar shelf not barstool), we…

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National Liqueur Day

What are Liqueurs used for?

You know how we love our spirited holidays here at Spec’s. Tuesday October 16th is National Liqueur Day. In order to properly celebrate, we’d like to teach you a little about liqueurs first. Many people confuse liqueurs with liquors; however, there is a very distinct difference. Many consider liqueurs to…

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