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Celebrate National Beer Day With The Best Beers Of 2017

Celebrate National Beer Day with the Best Beers of 2017

Today is a good day. A good year in fact. Not only is it National Beer Day, but 2017 is also a great time for new releases.

And we’re not talking about a binge-worthy Netflix original, overly auto-tuned pop album, or a big budget summer movie. No no—we’re talking about some of the freshest, finest, fermented flavors of malty-goodness to come out of the craft beer world.

Hollywood can have their summer blockbusters—because 2017 is the year for summer BOCK-busters!

With so many choices, it’s hard to pick just a few. (But somehow we did!) And if you’re a fellow hop-head like us, then you’ll appreciate these suggestions.

So peruse this brief list of new craft beers, and if these two strike your fancy then pick them up from your local Spec’s. You won’t regret it.

Then get ready to rock out with your bock out. Celebrate National Beer Day with the best craft beers of 2017!

New Beers of 2017

1: Bruery Terreux Frederick H.

This German-style, tart wheat beer is a sour lovers dream come true. This versatile craft beer, can make a hot Texas summer go by easy as pie, or can be paired with a peppery, garlic dish in the winter time. Check for availability.

2: Deschutes Pacific Wonderland Lager

‘Wonderland’ is an appropriate name, as this lager takes your taste buds on a journey. Deschutes has crafted a sessionable lager, that captures the true spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Tettnang Mandarina hops mingle with the crisp, bright character of this refreshing and shareable brew.

But let’s not forget, National Beer Day isn’t just about the fresh, new finds.

Here are some highly drinkable craft beers, that we never get tired of stocking our coolers with.

Best Overall Craft Beers

Bell’s Oberon Wheat Ale

When the Texas sun beats down, the Oberon will flow. A Michigan standard since 2002 has finally made its way to Texas, which seems like a perfect home for it. A pale wheat ale that is light, crisp, and refreshing. With the hops adding wonderful citrusy fruity notes that balance with the smooth Wheat body.

Saint Arnold Pub Crawl

Saint Arnold continues to impress with additions to their new year-round lineup, including Pub Crawl, a bright, citrusy pale ale. Imagine all of those beautiful citrus and tropical fruit flavors you love in your IPAs, in a lighter, easier to drink and more approachable package. Dangerously session-able.

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA

First released in a 22oz format, this west coast dry hopped classic has changed for the better. Now in 6-pack 12oz bottle. Instead of looking crazy double fisting two 22oz bottles—drink like a gentleman with two 12oz. The wonderfully piney and sweet nose on this beer, turns into a citrusy and tropical fruit hop bomb when it hits the palate. Balanced by a hearty malt backbone, this classic from 2007 remains as a standard that everyone needs to try.

Real Ale Helles

Light, crisp and easy. Helles is “cold bubbles”, like the big boys, but done by a craft brewer to include flavor. Light malt balanced by subtle, citrusy hops make this a perfect warm weather quencher. An easy segue for the uninitiated or offering at a party with a diverse crowd.

That’s it for now beer-lovers, but there will be more craft beer picks to come—so be sure to follow Spec’s on Facebook for more.

Remember to stay hoppy!


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