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Satisfy Your Sweet Tea Tooth With 3 Sweet Tea Cocktails

Satisfy Your Sweet Tea Tooth with 3 Sweet Tea Cocktails

There’s nothing that says summer quite like a cold glass of iced tea. Well lucky for us, today is National Iced Tea Day! And while we love a classic glass of iced tea, how about we celebrate the Spec’s way! Give one of these delicious sweet tea cocktails a go. What’s your favorite way to enjoy iced tea?

Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktail

⅓ cup bourbon
6 cups water
4-5 black tea bags
¼ cup honey
5 sliced orange rounds
6 mint sprigs

Bring water to a boil. Turn off water and add black tea bags. Steep tea for 3-5 minutes. Remove tea bags, place tea in a large pitcher and chill. Muddle honey, bourbon, orange slices and mint in a medium bowl. Add mixture to your pitcher of tea. Stir well and serve over ice.

John Daly

½ cup vodka
2 large tea bags
½ cup water
4 cups lemonade
8 mint sprigs
8 lemon slices

Place tea bags in a medium bowl. Boil water and add to bowl. Let tea steep for 3-5 minutes. Discard tea bags. Muddle mint in a large pitcher. Add tea, lemonade and vodka and serve over ice.

Porch Cooler

3 oz sweet tea vodka
3 oz orange juice
Splash of Peach Schnapps

Mix over ice in a highball glass.


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