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Bastille day might be the French National Day, but we’re happy to celebrate this historic day here in Texas! And what better way to toast to this auspicious occasion than with a bottle of French wine? We’re taking the guess work out of which label to share with friends, both local and international, for raising a glass with Liberation de Paris wines!

At the heart of Liberation Wine’s production is the French passion for quality, sharable wine. Variety, flavor and affordable prices come together to make your sipping experience that much more festive. 

Take a look at these varietals, and see how no matter which bottle you choose, you’ll enjoy every last drop.


This powerful red is a blend of Cabernet and Merlot that shows complex flavors of oak and spice. Aromas of cherries and black pepper will lure you in, and keep you satisfied with a long, silky finish. Serve this with a steak that has a nice grilled char to it.

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The most classic of grapes, the Cab is lush with juicy dark fruits, subtle pepper, and notes of truffle. Put the short ribs in the slow-cooker, and have the corkscrew ready for a full, robust pairing. 

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This sipper is fantastically fruity, and best served chilled. Refreshing mineral notes swim around the glass, balanced by apricot and white floral tones. A buttery finish makes it a divine pair with hors d’oeuvres and seafood!

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Bubbles make everything better! Breathe in the enticing stone fruit aromatics that lead into a palate of candied fruits and honey. Each chilled glass shouts a warm “À votre santé!” (“To y’all’s health!”)

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Leave your bags unpacked while you travel to the south of France with this rich, tannin-packed red blend. This wine strikes a fine balance with jammy strawberry, and smoky flavors. It’s the perfect pairing with Mediterranean dishes and red sauces.

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This subtle red shows a brightness that shines through its purple hue. It’s smooth and inviting, with a nose of mixed florals, and a silky palate of berries and dark fruit. This is a friendly pairing with both red and white meat dishes with cream sauces.

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Rosé all day with this light and flirty pink sipper. Dry, and classically aromatic, the bouquet wafts subtle scents of strawberries and rose petals, that lead into a long, crisp finish – perfect for serving chilled on its own, or paired with Asian cuisine. 

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So prepare for July 14th by stopping by your local Spec’s this weekend and pick up a bottle or two (or three… or all…), sit back, and enjoy the flavorful adventure!

Bonne Fête Nationale!

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