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#LetsDoThis – FIFA World Cup

#LetsDoThis – FIFA World Cup

Belgium has officially thrown down the gauntlet. Last Thursday following the USA vs. Germany match, Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo tweeted directly to President Obama.

And while we won’t know until tomorrow how these two soccer teams will match up, we have a few great American beers of our own to bet on. So what happens when a classic Belgium beer and a top American craft beer go head to head? Let’s find out!




Victory HopDevil IPA


Hoegaarden White Ale

Tasting Notes: This is a bold and spicy IPA made with distinctive American hops. It has citrus and floral aromas and a rich orange color. Its strong maltiness and long-lasting head make this a unique and delicious take on the traditional American IPA.   Tasting Notes: This classic wheat beer has aromas of orange peel, coriander and herbs. It has a light yellow and slightly hazy color with a soft foam head. It has light flavors and a touch of sweetness and citrus to balance it out.
Time-tested? Victory Brewing Company opened its doors in 1996, and it didn’t take long for this American brewery to prove it was one to contend with.   Time-tested? While the brewery was founded in 1966, the monks of Hoegaarden have been perfecting this recipe for over 500 years.
ABV: 6.7%   ABV: 4.9%
Pairs with: The hoppiness of this American brew will cut through your spiciest World Cup viewing eats. Try it with spicy grilled meats or a cheesy side dish.   Pairs with: The lightness and smoothness of this beer will make the perfect compliment to green salads and seafood.

So what do you think? Do Victory’s American hops have a leg up on Belgium’s classic white ale? Or is it the other way around? Leave us your thoughts and your predictions for tomorrow’s game in the comments!



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  1. what beers/ales& are available in kegs; specifically Piraat or Duvel Ale; Coors Pre-prohibition; third
    shift amber; Shiner Boc
    Can you get Fisher Ale in bottles/ cases?

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for your question! We can get Third Shift Amber in 1/4 keg, Shiner Bock in a 1/2 keg, Piraat Golden in a 9L bottle, and Duvel in a 3L bottle. If you are interested in any other kegs, you can contact your local beer guru to see which kegs can be made available at your local Spec’s!

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