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Say Cheese (with Gourmet Cheese Platters From Spec’s)

Say Cheese (with Gourmet Cheese Platters from Spec’s)

Nothing quite beats an evening with friends chatting over a bottle of wine, but a perfectly paired cheese platter to accompany it certainly couldn’t hurt! At Spec’s, we have everything from crowd-pleasing cheese platters to the perfect wines to complement them. For your next gathering, give one of these delicious wine and cheese pairings a try!

Italian Quartet

This cheese platter features BellaVitano with merlot and raspberry, rosemary asigao and pecorino romano. Try pairing it with Castello Di Ama Il Chiuso Pinot Noir/Sangiovese. Its notes of strawberry and cherry will balance the bold flavors of the cheese nicely.

American Quartet

Try pairing this delicious assortment of cheddars with one of our favorite red blends, Shannon Ridge Wrangler. The bright, fruity notes and the smoothness of this California wine is the perfect complement to the sharpness of the champagne, habanero, horseradish bacon and buffalo wing cheddars!

French Quartet

This cheese platter features St. Andre triple cream brie, St. Agur blue, camembert and young cheddar. Try pairing it with Pigmentum Malbec. Its smooth, creamy mouthfeel will pair nicely with these soft cheeses.

To find more cheese platters and pairing options, visit Spec’s Catering.


Owned and operated by the same Houston family since 1962, Spec’s is a true destination shopping experience. We now operate over 150 stores all over the great state of Texas and offer a large selection of wines, spirits and finer foods.

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