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Best of Both Worlds: Wine Cocktails!

In the summer, there are evenings that all you want to do is relax on the patio, read a book and have a glass of wine. Then there are occasions, like a pool party or dinner with friends, that a tasty cocktail would be the perfect treat. But what about the times you really want both, but can’t decide?

Solution: make a wine cocktail! Spec’s has Texas’ largest selection of wines, and hard-to-find spirits, so you can prepare a delicious drink that has the best of both worlds. Here are some recipes that will satisfy your taste buds no matter what mood you’re in. Don’t forget a straw!

Rosy MargaritaRosyMarg_shutterstock_99129302
4 oz Rosé wine
1 oz Tequila, silver
1/2 oz Orange liqueur
Splash of lime juice
Lime wheel for garnish

Pour ingredients into an ice-filled glass, add a splash of lime juice and stir. Garnish with a lime wheel and enjoy your rosy margarita!

Wild Cherry
Cherry_shutterstock_1348756313 oz Sparkling riesling
1 oz Orange liqueur
2 oz Lemon-lime soda
Splash of grenadine
Cherry for garnish

Stir sparkling riesling, orange liqueur and lemon-lime soda into an ice-filled glass. Add a splash of grenadine and garnish with a cherry for a splash of color!

Just PeachyPeach_shutterstock_108682238
1 oz Gin
1 oz Moscato
1 oz Lemon juice
½ oz Peach schnapps
½ oz Simple syrup
Peach slice for garnish

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake to blend. Pour into your favorite glass and garnish with a peach slice!

Red Chiller
shutterstock_1262360001½ oz Pinot noir
1½ oz Tequila silver
½ oz Lime juice
½ oz Agave nectar
2 oz Grapefruit soda
Lime wedge for garnish

Pour all ingredients except soda into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake to blend and strain into a glass. Add the grapefruit soda on top, garnish with a lime wedge and prepare to be chilled!


Owned and operated by the same Houston family since 1962, Spec’s is a true destination shopping experience. We now operate over 150 stores all over the great state of Texas and offer a large selection of wines, spirits and finer foods.

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