Game Day Food & Beer Combos Are Sure To Please

Game Day Food & Beer Combos Are Sure to Please

Unless you’ve cut ties with all forms of technology and live in a secluded mountain cabin, surviving solely on your wits and woodland creatures, you’ll probably be tuning in to the Big Game on February 3rd. (Of course, if the former is true, you won’t be reading this anyway!)

Whether you’re doing it solo, attending a watch party, or hosting one of your own, chances are quite high that beer will be on hand for the duration of the game. There will also be a plethora of salty, fatty, delicious foods and snacks to indulge in.

Normally, loading up the cooler with ice-cold cans of beer is completely acceptable. For a football feast where the food is as much the star attraction as the game, your beer selection shouldn’t be relegated to an afterthought. So, instead of grabbing a case or two of the same old suds, you might want to pick up a variety of beer that will complement and contrast the flavors spread across the table.

Not sure how to go about pairing beer with food? Check out our recommended beer pairings with common game day foods.

Wings Wings Wings

Traditional Buffalo and Helles Lager: The spicy vinegar kick of this classic wing sauce can be tempered by the subtle sweetness and balance of a Helles Lager.

Honey Mustard and Berliner Weisse: The light tartness and refreshing quality of a Berliner Weisse makes it an appropriate pairing for nearly any wing, but it’s an especially good partner for the tanginess of honey mustard.

Coconut Curry and Belgian Tripel: This Thai-inspired sauce finds a friend in one of Belgium’s most well-known styles. The spicy notes imparted by Belgian yeast—think pepper, clove and lemon—complement the coconut and curry.

Barbecue and Schwarzbier: Light in body yet dark in color, a Schwarzbier’s mild notes of chocolate and coffee are the perfect complement for a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce.

Caribbean Jerk and Scotch AlesWith a sweet blend of caramel and dark fruit notes, Scotch ales can cool the Scotch bonnet heat of a traditional jerk sauce.

Teriyaki and Belgian Dubbel: Dark malts find their match in the sweeter side of teriyaki sauce, while a Belgian Dubbel’s yeast-driven notes of apple and pear play well with teriyaki spices like ginger and soy. 

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Pepperoni and Stella Artois – The nice kick of spice added by the pepperoni partners perfectly with a light malty beer like Stella.

Meatlovers and Hoegaarden – Pair this pizza with something a bit tart, a bit refreshing and with some spices to cut the fattiness. A Belgian Witbier such as Hoegaarden is a natural choice. 

Hawaiian and a Mosaic IPA – The fruity notes of American Mosaic hops pair nicely with the pineapple while their hint of bitterness cuts the saltiness of the ham.

Margherita and Live Oak Pilsner – Pilsners are malt-forward, meaning their bready flavors complement the crust of this pizza while they have a strong bitter finish that helps cut some of that fattiness of the cheese.


The layered construction of nachos’ numerous ingredients requires versatile beer that can adapt to each bite. A good old lager fits the bill perfectly. We suggest Ballast Point Long Fin Lager to get the job done. 

Jalapeno Poppers

The cheese does a good job of tempering some of the heat, but you’ll want a beer that can do the same while also complementing the cheese. A brown ale like Newcastle is a great choice.


Bitter, floral beers balance out the heavy burger meat. A hearty IPA can stand up to whatever a slider can throw down at your taste buds.


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