NYE Champagne And Party Tips

NYE Champagne and Party Tips

2018 is right around the corner! And that means it’s almost time for the big new year’s party. But before you go poppin’ bottles with your friends or family, read these very simple party-hosting tips. They’ll help make the last party of 2017, (and the first of 2018), one to remember.

1: Party Trays

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without appetizers! But why spend extra time in the kitchen preparing, when you can order some gourmet party trays. A cheese plate or two is a NYE celebration staple. We recommend our Rustic European, and the Spinach and Artichoke Dip trays.

2: Decorations

Streamers, balloons, table runners, color-coordinated napkins and plate sets add that little extra something special to your party. Some great color combinations are:
Black and silver, or black and gold are great color combos for any NYE party. Other ideas are black and white for a NYE dinner party, pink and gold for a girls-only party, or rainbow confetti and streamers for a family and kid-friendly party.

3: Champagne Tips

They say the only legitimate bubbly is the stuff that hails from France’s Champagne region. The rest are technically sparkling wine (also known as spumante, sekt or vin mousseux in other parts of the world). But it doesn’t have to be champagne to be served, a great prosecco or bubbly rose will still taste amazing.

What’s the difference between sweet and dry champagne? This is determined by the winemaker during the process of fermentation with the addition of dosage – a secret blend of wine, sugar and sometimes brandy.
The levels are: brut = very dry,
extra brut = extra dry, but sweeter than brut}, sec = medium sweet, demi-sec = sweet and considered a dessert wine, and doux = very sweet also considered a dessert wine.

4: Toasting Etiquette

Giving a great new year’s eve toast is more than simply standing up and saying whatever happens to pop into your head. A good New Year’s Eve toast can be up to 3 minutes long. They should include a hook, a bit of background, or reason why you’re giving the toast. You can include a funny anecdote on some things that have happened over the past year with your guests. Write the toast down in bullet points ahead of time, and practice. Read it aloud at least 5 times—but don’t read the speech verbatim when it comes time to give it. (You want it to feel natural.) Instead, jot down some bullet points on a notecard. And if you get nervous, try to relax! It’s just a party after all.
Last, and most importantly, ask your guests to raise their glasses with you at the end of your speech.

That’s it for our New Year’s Eve party tips. We look forward to seeing you next year!



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