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Texas Beers To Celebrate New Beers Eve

Texas Beers to Celebrate New Beers Eve

April 6th is New Beers Eve—a day which marks that historical time in 1933 when the sale of beer became legal once again. Essentially, April 6th was the end of the prohibition era (or as we call it—“The Era That Shall Not Be Named”) and the rebirth of fun. And at Spec’s, we’re all about the fun.

So let the suds flow! In celebration of New Beers Eve, we’ve collected a handful of our favorite Texas beers for you to enjoy. So drop by your local Spec’s, stock up, and be thankful you don’t have to drink them secretly in a speakeasy basement. Cheers!

Karbach Brewing Rodeo Clown Double IPA
Don’t let the name fool you, this hoptasticaly delicious IPA from Houston-based Karbach brewery is no joke! An aroma of candied malt sweetness and a berry-like fruit finish bring perfect structure to the balanced body of hop and malt.

Thirsty Planet Bucket Head IPA
More on the malty side as far as IPAs go, this American style India Pale ale boasts a body of light caramel sweetness followed by a bitter snap, and lingering finish.

Shiner Golden Ale
Shiner is a household name if you’re a local Texan, as they’ve been brewing craft beer since 1909. But not everyone’s had the pleasure of enjoying this golden offering. Dry hopped with mosaic hops, this light-bodied ale has a balance of sweetness you’re sure to call the new ‘golden standard’ of ales.

Hops and Grain River Beer Lager
A Premium American Lager with a German twist. It pours crystal clear and clean, for a refreshing spring brew that’s sure to please.

St.Arnold Lawnmower
A true German style Kolsch. This beer is light yet has a sweet malty body, balanced by a complex citrus hop character.

Lakewood Brewing IPA
Lakewood is among the best of Texas independent craft breweries. This IPA is not a bitter bomb, rather a highly drinkable IPA that’s bold yet not brash. It balances the hoppiness with a blend of tropical flavors like grapefruit, papaya, and tangerine. Among the hops are mosaic, citra, mandara, bavaria, and bravo.


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