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The State Of Texas Spirits

The State of Texas Spirits

If there is one thing that makes a nightcap taste even better, it’s knowing that the spirit came from the great state of Texas. The list of great distilleries in Texas is quickly growing, and we’ve highlighted two of the most uniquely Texan options out there. While enjoying these Texas spirits, you can rest assured that your drink is made from only the finest ingredients.

Treaty Oak Distillery is one of Texas’ younger distilleries. Founded in 2005, Treaty Oak is as Texan as they come, seeing as it is named after one of Texas’ oldest living trees. The Treaty Oak is the last standing from the Council Oaks, and is said to be the spot where Stephen F. Austin signed a border treaty with Native Americans.

Treaty Oak’s first spirit was Platinum Rum. Clear and highly distilled to remove any harsh alcohol aromas, this high-quality rum is made using only ingredients from Texas. One of those key ingredients is Santa Rosa molasses. With no impurities, the molasses allows the rum to ferment before the mixture goes to the still, resulting in premium silver rum.

A distillery equally proud of its Texas roots, Garrison Brothers Distillery is the first and oldest whiskey distillery in the Lone Star State. Like Treaty Oak, the Garrison brothers use some of Texas’ finest ingredients. Organic yellow corn from the Panhandle, wheat grown on the distillery’s property and purified rainwater from the Hill Country all combine to make a perfect glass of Texas straight bourbon whiskey.

These are just two examples of the great Texas spirits that Spec’s carries. Looking for more from the Lone Star State? Call or stop by the store and ask a Spec’s expert!


Owned and operated by the same Houston family since 1962, Spec’s is a true destination shopping experience. We now operate over 150 stores all over the great state of Texas and offer a large selection of wines, spirits and finer foods.

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    1. Hi Sherry – thanks for your question! All rums are actually made from sugar byproducts such as molasses. The color of the rum is determined by the container in which it is aged, its filtration process and any added ingredients. Gold or dark rums generally get their color from the oak barrels in which they are aged, and some distillers use burned sugar or caramel coloring to enhance the color. Silver rum like Texas’s Treaty Oak is filtered through charcoal after it is aged to remove its coloring.

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