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The State Of Texas Spirits

The State of Texas Spirits

It’s that time once again to highlight one of the countless things that makes Texas so great – its very own distilleries. This month, we’ll be taking a closer look at Railean Distillery in San Leon, TX – home of the original American rum.

Founded by Kelly Railean along the shores of Galveston Bay, Railean Distillery produced the first handcrafted American rum to be certified as Made in the USA. They now actively produce 4 distinct rum types that have quickly gained popularity across the state and country.

White Rum:
Railean White Rum is distilled many times to produce a pure and smooth spirit. Crisp and refreshing, it is the perfect component to your favorite tropical drinks. Its exceptionally dry taste is complemented by hints of vanilla, citrus and spices.

Spiced Rum:
Aged in small, double-charred American oak barrels, Railean Spiced Rum is made with a balanced blend of spices and natural flavors. Known for a good body with notes of molasses, spice, and a hint of butterscotch and great for mixing with cola.

Reserve XO:
Like the spiced rum, Railean Reserve XO Rum is also aged in small, double-charred American oak barrels.  A well-rounded rum with aromas of brown sugar, spice and oak. Contains notes of chocolate, caramel and toasted walnut for a smooth and warm finish.

Small Cask Rum:
The Railean Small Cask Rum is aged for twice as long as the Reserve XO in the same barrels. However, each barrel is hand selected, and the rum is then filtered and bottled one barrel at a time. A rich and sophisticated rum with notes of oak, leather and mocha complemented by hints of caramel and dark chocolate. Finishes with a delicious earthy quality. Best enjoyed on the rocks.

In addition to rum, Railean Distillery also distills a line of agave spirits that make for the perfect Texas Margarita.

To learn more about their distillation process, visit Railean Distillery at their website.


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