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Hail A Cab!

Hail A Cab!

Ready for a wine that’ll take your palate for plenty of smooth rides? Try a Cabernet! Also known as “Cab” to its close friends, it’s considered one of the most famous red wine grape variety in the world.

And while these grapes are grown in an astonishing variety of countries, climates and soils, every cabernet displays an unmistakable “Cab” character—deep red color, blackcurrant aroma and dark spices flavor.

For help navigating the hundreds of choices in our fleet of big reds, just hail a Spec’s expert!

Las Vascos Grand Reserve Cabernet
I Heart Cabernet
Alexander Valley Cabernet
La Flor Cabernet
Bliss Cabernet
Rodney Strong Sonoma Cabernet
Astrid Cabernet
One Hope Cabernet


Owned and operated by the same Houston family since 1962, Spec’s is a true destination shopping experience. We now operate over 150 stores all over the great state of Texas and offer a large selection of wines, spirits and finer foods.

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