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Say Ole! Wine Drinking Tips From Your Sommelier!

Say Ole! Wine Drinking Tips from your Sommelier!

Want to drink wine like an expert? We’ve compiled our top five wine drinking tips to up your form. From the proper way to hold your glass to the perfect way to chill that bottle of white wine, we’ve got all the info you need, so sip away!

1. Hold your glass by the stem.

Holding a glass by the bulb will not only leave ugly fingerprints on your glass but the heat from your hand can heat up the wine changing its flavor and texture. You should always hold a wine glass by the stem in order not to compromise the wine’s complex flavors.

2. Don’t fill your glass more than halfway.

If you fill your wine glass more than halfway, your wine won’t be able to properly aerate. A good rule of thumb is to keep your serving below the halfway point. This gives you enough room in the glass to both swirl your wine and allow it to aerate naturally.

3. Don’t put ice cubes in your wine.

Winemakers go to great lengths to produce a well-balanced and complex wine. That effort is wasted when a wine is watered down by ice cubes! Instead, try chilling your bottle of wine in a bath of ice and ice water. This will chill down the entire bottle in a matter of minutes while still preserving the integrity of the wine.

4. Don’t let the bottle touch the rim.

When pouring your wine, don’t let the bottle touch the rim of your glass. The wine should fall through the air and into the glass. If you are drinking a sparkling wine, tilt your glass so it hits the side of the glass. If your wine is still, pour into the center of the glass.

5. Store your wine away from the kitchen.

It seems logical to store wine in the kitchen. Unfortunately kitchens are often warmer from all the cooking that takes place and will make your wine too warm. This can ultimately damage its flavor and composition. Try storing your wine in a cabinet away from the kitchen to preserve its flavor.


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