Cooper’s Mark Small Batch Bourbon

We here at Spec’s always enjoy trying new bourbon! We consider ourselves lucky to get our hands on small distilleries that most people don’t have the time to do. This time, we got our hands on Cooper’s Mark Small Batch Bourbon. It’s charcoal filtered and handcrafted for smoothness and balance in flavor, and made in small batches so it can be closely monitored to ensure the maximum amount of flavor and quality.

What flavors do we want you to look for when trying this bourbon? We found predominate notes of toasted oak barrels with caramel with subtle hints of vanilla, barnyard hay and a nice long warming finish. This is why we’re sure you’ll love it. Cheers!

Jason Rodriguez - Spirits Expert

I've been at Spec's since they arrived in "Old El Paso" in 2011. Looking for a cigar to pair with your favorite liquor, wine or beer? That's my specialty, no matter how challenging. Next time you're in the area, stop by and put my skills to the test!

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