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History of American Whiskey & Top Rated Recommendations

The History of Whiskey The history of whiskey dates back to Medieval monks in Scotland and Ireland whose monasteries, lacking the vineyards and grapes of the European continent, turned to fermenting grain mash, resulting in the first distillations of modern whisky. The Old Bushmills Distillery, the oldest licensed distillery in…

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Whiskies Of The World - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Whiskies of The World

When you think whiskey, you typically think of countries like Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the U.S., but there are actually over 25 whiskey-producing nations around the world. These different regions of the world have different spellings - whiskey or whisky, and neither is technically wrong. Whiskey is generally used in…

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Cozy Winter Whiskey Cocktails - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Cozy Winter Whiskey Cocktails

Relaxing with a whiskey by the fire doesn’t have to mean sipping on a sniffer-full of scotch. We’ve put together a collection of fireside-appropriate whiskey cocktails that’ll have you pulling your recliner closer to the hearth and indulging in the delights of a cozy whiskey cocktail. Hot Toddy Ingredients 2…

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Newbies But Goodies

We all have our go-to labels when we’re picking our poison. We’ve found a brand we like, or are just plain familiar with, and it becomes our proverbial formula from which we don’t want to stray. And for an easy in-and-out trip to Spec’s, that makes sense! But every now…

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Top Picks For American Whisky Month

Whiskey is made all over the US and there are more and more distilleries popping up all of the time. We’ve put together a list of 6 American whiskeys that are worth taking a break from your usual. But first, let’s go into some detail about whiskey and bourbon. All…

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National Scotch Day: Top 10 Scotch Whisky Brands

  • July 27, 2017
  • Blog

The saying goes, “All scotch is whisky. But not all whisky is scotch.” True. And not all scotch is great scotch. To make a scotch that’s really something special, it takes more than dedication to the craft. It takes art, to distill that ‘it factor’. That je ne sais quoi.…

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State of Texas Spirits: Texas Whiskey

If there’s one thing we love at Spec’s, it’s a fine Texas spirit. So for this month’s State of Texas Spirits, we’re highlighting Texas whiskey. Here are three premium Texas whiskies that, like all proud Texans, don’t for a second hide where they’re from. These distinct spirits radiate with Texas…

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The State of Texas Spirits

If there is one thing that makes a nightcap taste even better, it’s knowing that the spirit came from the great state of Texas. The list of great distilleries in Texas is quickly growing, and we’ve highlighted two of the most uniquely Texan options out there. While enjoying these Texas…

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Flavor You Can Savor: Cask Strength Whiskey

When Spec’s talks about whiskey, we’re not only talking about a rich tradition of distillation, we’re talking about a true cross-cultural romance -  as if whiskey were as vital to survival as water. While whiskey distillation often includes post-barrel dilution, Spec’s carries a subset of brands that can expand your…

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