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An Insider Guide To Your Next Cider For October!

An insider guide to your next cider for October!

By Zach Dehghanpoor

After years of enjoying the hops-mania that’s been surging in the beer community, cider is coming in as a real game changer and palette cleanser. Gluten free, dry and sweet, and so, so easy to drink – the cider side of craft and local beer is what Apples to Apples is here to explore!

Saint Arnold Honey Agave Cider

In a crisis of taste recently, I sent a prayer to my favorite saint. Then out of nowhere appeared a divine gift of local Texas cider! Saint Arnold Honey Agave Cider is the latest endeavor by the Houston brewery to bring great local ciders to the Texas public.

The sweetness is based around the Agave and Burleson’s Texas honey from Waxahachie. The honey gives you a floral frenzy that really separates this cider from most of the sweeter ones out there.

Speaking of sweetness, this cider actually finds perfect balance that pleases both fans of sweet ciders, and those looking for a drier profile. The apples used in the recipe have a nice tartness upfront with a smooth, melon-like quality in the finish. That, blended with the honey and agave, make this a highly delicious, crushable, saintly cider.

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