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An Insider Guide To Your Next Cider!

An insider guide to your next cider!

By Zach Dehghanpoor

Austin Eastciders Rosé Cider

Austin Eastciders Rose Dry Cider

When I first tasted Austin Eastciders’ Rosé Cider, I was immediately brought back to being a 5-year-old with my Persian family, eating Faloodeh, a traditional dessert made with thin vermicelli noodles, and a syrup made from sugar and rose water. If you’ve ever eaten baklava and absolutely loved it, then I recommend this cider.

Typically, when you think of rosé, your first instinct might be to expect actual rose, but the well-known wine style is never made with any roses. And a lot of new rosé beers only achieve the color with raspberries or hibiscus, but never any real rose flavor.

That is until now! This deliciously dry cider is made with hibiscus and actual roses! The smell is gorgeous and flowery upfront, then at first sip… it’s ROSE TIME, BABY! A super dry mouthfeel makes it dessert-like, yet with almost no sweetness (which it doesn’t really need). The use of real roses gives you a naturally sweet, perfumed taste that makes this cider’s flavor extremely delicate and naturally sweet without all the sugar.

An amazingly pink sipper that will make you feel like you’ve been kissed by a rose! Plus, at 5% ABV, the possibilities for cocktails is exciting. In fact, Austin Eastciders has one already created for you.

Stop by a Spec’s store near you and enjoy a taste test of your own!

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