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Football Party Tips

Football Party Tips

Set—hike! Football season is upon us. But throwing a game watching party can be more daunting than it seems. Follow these simple tips and the next football fete you throw is sure to be a touchdown!

1: Pick a big game
Nothing makes your guests duck out early like a boring game. So pick one where the stakes are high, the teams have a heated rivalry and your guests are glued to the TV screen. More cheers, more beer, more fun!

2: Get creative with appetizers.
The game might be the focal point of the party, but nothing complements a football game like a creative food menu. Standard items like nachos and chili are a great start, but the best football parties add another element to their menus!

One great idea is to feature menu items that are unique to the team you’re rooting for.

One fun idea is to create a custom two-color dip, based on the opposing teams colors. UT vs A&M? Divide the dip and make one half orange and the other a maroon red.

3: Get food catered in.
Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to be stuck outside grilling while their team is busy making a big play. Spec’s party trays are always a huge hit among football fans. Especially hot wings, spinach and artichoke dip or empanadas.

4: Bigger Crowd? Buy a keg! 

5: Turn the TV Room into your ‘Stadium’
Another trademark of a great football party is a specific room in the house that is designated for watching the big game. Truly obsessed fans are known for painting their football rooms in their team colors, buying furniture that includes their team logo, and of course, having a huge big screen TV to watch the game on.

If you want to take your ticket/invitation idea a step further, you can also set up assigned seating in your football room that corresponds to the tickets. But be careful that your guests don’t start scalping tickets in the parking lot!


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