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How To Pair Wine And Chocolate

How To Pair Wine And Chocolate

Can you hear the fluttering of cupid’s wings? Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Whether you plan to buy something sweet for your sweetie, or you just plan to ‘treat yo’ self,” there’s no denying that now’s the time for some rich, decadent chocolate. The only thing better than that is pairing it with the perfect wine. But you don’t have to be a sommelier to enjoy the right chocolate and wine pairing. Before you pop a cork, fill up the tub, and light some candles, follow a few of these simple chocolate and wine pairing guidelines. Do that, and you’re sure to send your valentine’s heart-a-flutter!

Choose wine that is sweeter than your chocolate.
A good rule of thumb is to choose wine that is just a tad sweeter than your chocolate. The same goes for pairing wine with desserts in general.

Darker chocolate pairs with bolder wines.
When pairing chocolate and wine, the darker, bitter chocolates that have a higher percentage of cacao, typically go with wines that are bolder and contain more tannins. For example, a great yet affordable merlot, like Roblar Merlot 2012 would pair well with dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate pairs with sweet Rieslings or dessert wines.
Another great rule of thumb is that milk chocolate goes very well with sweet Rieslings, or dessert wines. Milk chocolate is the most common chocolate out there, so if this is for you, then try enjoying it with an exceptional Riesling from Georg Albrecht Schnider. Dark chocolate pairs well with Merlot or Petit Syrah.

Pair dark semisweet chocolate with Pinot Noir.
An exceptional pinot noir that goes great with the taste of dark-semisweet chocolate would be Pinot by Chateau St.Jean from California.

Dark bittersweet chocolate with Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel.
For chocolates with that extra cocoa flavor, like this decadent treat, you are going to want to go with a balanced Cab or a Zinfandel like Chase Cellars Zinfandel.

Now that you know the guidelines for pairing wine and chocolate, go ahead and play around and experiment until you find the combination that matches your palate. There’s no wrong way to enjoy chocolate! If you really want to impress your Valentine, then pick up a box of assorted chocolate truffles, or a custom Spec’s gift basket.

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