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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching! *thump thump* Hear that? That’s the sound of a beating heart! What? Is it yours? Could it mean that all this romantic excitement is getting to you?

Or maybe it’s anxiety—because you literally have no idea what to get that special somebody in your life. Yikes!

Whether you’ve got yourself a sweetie or you just enjoy spreading the love among close friends and family, there’s no denying that now is the time to start thinking about Valentine’s gift giving. True, you could go with the classic heart-shaped box of chocolates and a dozen roses. But for the love of your life, you’re going to want to put a little more originality into your Valentine’s Day gift. Impressing your Valentine doesn’t have to be a big ordeal—with these simple gift suggestions, you’ll warm the heart of your beloved faster than Cupid can sling an arrow.

Wine Lover’s Gift Baskets
A basket full of goodies is the mother load of Valentine’s gifts. It won’t just say, “I love you,” it will shout it from the rooftops. Plus it’s a great pick for the choosy foodie with a refined palate. Spec’s has the goods that’ll gourmet up your day for sure. Try our Wine Lover’s Gift Basket. It features an assortment of lush varietals, along with delicious smoked salmon, crackers and other treats. Yum!

Custom Gift Basket
Take the gift basket idea a step further by customizing it with your lover’s food and drink preferences. With this option, you can hand pick your V-Day date’s favorite goodies. We have everything from delicious coffees, to margarita mixes that you can include in your basket. The key is to make it personal, so choose what your valentine will like the best.

Champagne and Chocolate Truffles (and how to pair them)
If you’re more about quality than quantity, then skip on the idea of a box of chocolates altogether. Instead opt for a handful of really outstanding, artisanal chocolate truffles. They come in some amazing flavors like salted caramel, sea salt, raspberry dark, strawberry, and more. Pick out a few of these, and wrap them in a fancy decorated box and pair them with the right sparkling wine or champagne.

Pairing chocolate and sparkling wine isn’t as easy as it sounds. The sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate can sometimes cause it to clash with sparkling wine. And the sweetness brings out an acidic taste in dry sparklers.

However, here are some champagnes and sparkling wines that go amazingly with chocolate:

A bubbly on the sweeter side, Demi-Sec or Doux, for example, blends well with the sweetness of chocolate. Milk chocolate tends to pair nicely with a light and fruity wine, whereas dark chocolate can be a bit more difficult to pair. Chocolate truffles are a classic choice for champagne. A sparkling wine with extra fruitiness helps – think of a rosé Champagne or a pink Prosecco, Cava, English or new world wine. If you don’t mind mixing it up, cocktails can add fruitiness that will taste great with chocolate too.

Gourmet Boxed Chocolates and Riesling
Instead of the typical heart-shaped box of chocolates, try wrapping up a gourmet box of chocolates like these exquisite little munchies. Pair them with a balanced Riesling like this Maximin Grunhauser.

Dark Liquors and Cigars
And we saved one of the best suggestions for last. This gift pairing is for the refined palate indeed. Particularly with bourbon and cigars. Step into the humidor section of your nearest Spec’s and peruse all the options. Choosing the right cigar really depends on your taste and personal preference, so ask the associate for help. It would be best to know a little about your Valentine’s cigar preferences, so if he or she smokes them, take a peek at what brands they have bought in the past and then find something comparable.

Pair your cigars with an excellent bourbon or cognac, and you have yourself a Valentine’s gift match made in heaven. A general rule of thumb is that cigars pair well with cognacs, single malt whisky, bourbon, rum, rye, and port. Most white spirits like vodka and gin won’t work as well because the taste of the cigar will overpower the drink.

No matter which gifts you choose this Valentine’s Day, we hope that you celebrate it in style. Celebrate the love, and cheers to romance!


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