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Dogfish Head Brewery Indian Brown Ale

Indian Brown Ale is my favorite everyday drinking brew from Dogfish Head. While I enjoy most of their beers, this is one of the few I can have more than one or two of without having to switch things up. Basically a fusion beer of the IPA, brown ale and Scotch ale styles, Indian Brown Ale is the best-balanced, widely available Dogfish product. Malty-sweet, bitter and smoky on the end, this one has more than a little bit of everything and is one of the most well-rounded big beers around. If you’re looking for a full-sized, aggressive beer that actually adds up to a solidly constructed overall flavor, this is the one to try. ABV: 7.2%

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Levi Castello - Beer Expert

While my title says Beer Expert, I fancy myself a matchmaker of sorts—I match customers with the perfect beer for their taste and occasion. I love that moment when I help someone find a new beer that's a lot like their favorite, but even better. When I'm not slinging brew, I collect vintage gaming consoles and write adventure games.

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