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Top Five Texas Vodkas

5 Best Texas Vodkas

There may be a small red mark from lightly banging my forehead against the desk. That’s what happens when you have to choose the best among so many awesome choices! It was really hard to pick the top 5 Texas vodkas because the state of Texas has produced some truly…

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Vodka Cocktails

Vodka Drinks: From Traditional to Unique

Although vodka is traditionally drank chilled and neat, many of us think of it as the go-to spirit when it comes to making cocktails. It can be used in many varieties and has been for years! We encourage you to make your own vodka concoction from one of these recipes.…

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Newbies But Goodies

We all have our go-to labels when we’re picking our poison. We’ve found a brand we like, or are just plain familiar with, and it becomes our proverbial formula from which we don’t want to stray. And for an easy in-and-out trip to Spec’s, that makes sense! But every now…

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The Bloody Mary

If you woke up this morning wanting a little “hair of the dog” relief from last night, mixing up a Bloody Mary just might put some pep back in your step! Check out this recipe from the legendary King Cole Bar at the St. Regis hotel in New York. The…

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Celebrate National Vodka Day!

Saturday is National Vodka Day, and while most people are familiar with their favorite way to enjoy this classic liquor, we thought we’d touch on its history to commemorate the day! Vodka is a native of Poland and Russia where it has existed in some form since the Middle Ages.…

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