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The Buchanita

The Buchanita   Ingredients: 1.5 oz Scotch Whiskey6 oz Pineapple JuiceCitrus Twang-A-Rita Rimming Salt Directions: Salt this rim of your favorite drinking glass, add ice, then add whiskey and juice. Enjoy! Garnish with pineapple for an extra citrus twist.

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Blood Clot Shots

Get spooky this Halloween with some delicious blood clot shots!   Ingredients: 1 oz Hard Cider Marshmallows 1 oz Fire Whiskey   Directions: Pour whiskey and cider into a shot glass. Add a few drops of red food dye. Top with marshmallows and burn them with a torch for a…

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Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails To Appease Any Apparition

For some people, Halloween brings out their inner decorating monster, others get super creative with costumes, and then there’s the creepy cocktail connoisseurs! These mixologists of mayhem are the ones who fuel the fun for all their fellow ghouls, and without them we’d just be adults dressed like children standing…

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Gin And Tonic Variations

Gin and Tonics With a Fruity Twist

The beauty of a gin & tonic is its simplicity. The classic gin and tonic cocktail was introduced to the world in the 18th century by the army of the British East India Company in India, almost by accident, as they added gin to their daily intake of quinine-based tonic…

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Autumn Cocktails

Autumn Cocktail Recipes You’ll Fall For

When most of the United States thinks of fall, their mind conjures bright images of crunchy, colorful leaves, cozy sweaters and cinnamon scented candles. That’s not quite the same for us here in the south. This is Texas; the idea of a picturesque fall where the weather stays below a…

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The Boozy Buccaneer

The Boozy Buccaneer   Sail away from summer with this pirate themed cocktail!   Ingredients: 1 oz Rum 1.5 oz Pineapple Juice 1 oz Coconut Cream .5 oz Lime Juice   Directions: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake, serve and enjoy!

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A Sporty Shandy

A Sporty Shandy   Spec'sology gears up for football season!   Ingredients: Half Lemonade Half of your Favorite Light Beer   Directions: Add ice and lemonade. Top with Beer. Down, Set, Enjoy!

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Repo and Coco

Repo and Coco Spec'sology celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month! Ingredients: 1.5oz Reposado Tequila 2.5oz Coconut Water Sparkling Water Twang-a-Rita Rimming Salt Lime Wedge Directions: Rim Glass. Add ice, tequila and coconut water. Top with Sparkling Water. Garnish and enjoy!

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